Gwen Stefani-‘Baby Don’t Lie’ Single Review

Image Credit: Geffen Records
Image Credit: Geffen Records

CedricCed|October 19 2014

Oh my goodness, the intro is very Janet Jackson; before the lyrics begin. For a second, thought Janet was about to serve a dance break but this is no dancing matter at hand.A stronger love is screaming for fulfillment because all the crying is enough.Gwen Stefani is informing her lover in a song that she sees behind his disguise,“Baby Don’t Lie” because they have been down this road before. Enchanting the theme of the song producer Ryan Tedder is tapped to work his magic on the 1st single from untitled album due before the end of 2014.

Gwen Stefani is capable of dominating a record and here the production shine over the vocal performance, mostly. The voice sounds polished with filters and reverb. In addition, that’s something most well-produced pop songs have these days, and Gwen never released an over-produced record.On the other hand, the chorus is immediate and sure to smash across the world. Tailor certified for Top 40,“Baby Don’t Lie” will rock the radio airwaves throughout the upcoming months. However, the generic but decent production heard all over Top 40 already relies solely on the Producer Ryan Tedder. Hopefully, fans of Gwen will adapt to the current sound.One would never expect Ryan Tedder as producer on a lead single for a new Gwen Stefani album.Crazier things have transpired, but this is an odd pairing by the record label.

Reality is this will never be considered the best Gwen Stefani song ever.Is a bad? No, it’s just a cool sounding single; nothing more nothing less.More Importantly, the whole 2012 No Doubt Push & Shove album sounded more creative and inventive musically.Give it some time for the seeds of the song to grow. The chorus is the saving grace; exceptionally catchy.Now,“Baby Don’t Lie.”


Gwen Stefani new single “Baby Don’t Lie” available now
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