Single Review: Aretha Franklin-“Rolling In The Deep”- CedricCed

Image Credit:RCA
Image Credit:RCA

CedricCed|October 9 2014

Leave it to the Legendary Aretha Franklin as she covers an already polarized record,“Rolling In The Deep”,by making it even more powerfully defiant than the original. Grit and Soul is what elevates this version to even new heights,not even thought of until this very triumphant version.Age is nothing but a number.Aretha came and sprinkled some soul old school into the song.Church is where she takes the listener on this rendition.Furthermore,pitch perfect pronunciation is incredible here; where Adele lacked. The addition of ,“Ain’t No Moutain High Enough”, during the bridge; sounded absolutely amazing! Aretha is schooling these new artists on how to take care of your voice. New life has been breathed into this already huge hit,“Rolling In The Deep”.Adele who?The Queen deserves her bow.

Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics, In Stores October 21st


“Rolling In The Deep (The Aretha Version)” available now!
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