Review: Tamar Braxton-‘Let Me Know’

Image Credit: Epic Records
Image Credit: Epic Records

CedricCed| October 7 2014

Tamar Braxton is a vocal powerhouse and settles herself into a comfort zone many female artists fall into these days. Comfort of adding a low-budget rapper to a decent track. Future ruins the lead single,“Let Me Know”, 5 seconds into the intro with that loop he keeps saying over and over.“Love and War”, is a great lead and this is dead on arrival. It’s not original and forgettable after the first listen. Listen closely and you’ll hear it sounds almost exactly like the Mariah Carey hit from 2009,“My Love” featuring The Dream which sucks because she’s talented and I actually enjoyed Love & War the album as a whole. Not impressed with this as a lead single from her upcoming project.The low-budget rapper adds no flavor at all to the track making his presence all the more annoying. The R&B is trying to breathe on this track but adding something that is not needed takes away from the song really being the hit it deserves.Chris Brown & Usher gave us decent R&B track ,“New Flame”, but had to add Rick Ross and now Tamar latest single she adds Future; these wack uncalled for features.Adele is not featuring anyone on her tracks and sold 11 million records.Hopefully,Tamar takes note for her next single to release something that rivals,“Love & War.”

Grade: 74=C-

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