Single Review: “L.A. Love(la la)” is Fergalicious- CedricCed

Image Credit:Interscope
Image Credit:Interscope

CedricCed|September 29 2014

Fergie Ferg delivers Fergalicious swagger within  “L.A. Love”(la la)”, 1st single from upcoming solo sophomore album. Whenever Wherever Fergie is jet setting across the globe,representing LA is a way of life on the latest record.Absent 8 years from solo projects to fulfill group obligations with the highly successful Black Eyed Peas.Fergie taps DJ Mustard the go to producer of the moment; creating a perfect blend of hippop in ,“L.A. Love (la la)”. Fergie shines effortlessly in the verses showing L.A. universal love best line,”Uh, tell ’em where I’m from|Finger on the pump make the sixth straight jump from SoCal|Hollywood to the slums|Chronic smoke get burnt by the California sun”, Very instinctive verse. Only thing missing is a verse from Snoop Dogg. Reminiscent of Lil Kim’s 2005 classic, “Lighters Up”. As the last line says, “We like to love it”.

Grade: 82= B

Buy “L.A. Love (la la) Now on I-tunes

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