Review:Mary J Blige- ‘Whole Damn Year’

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CedricCed|September 26 2014

Mary J Blige is ready to serve another reign as queen with honest R&B force on, “Whole Damn Year”. Smooth soul is essential for a laid-back simple production and the Queen of Hip-Hop soul brings the track to existence . A woman has been hurt a bad five years in a relationship and it takes a whole damn year to get things back on track.Check out the impressive lyrics here,”Winter took most of my heart|Spring punched me right in the stomach|Summer came looking for blood| And by Autumn I was left with nothing| It took a whole damn year to repair my body”. Those lyrics alone make this record worth a listen!Mary has shined brighter on records but she gives a sincere vocal here.Thank You, Mary J Blige for the London Session where people still appreciate good R&B music.Goes for Urban and Urban AC adds on September 30.


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