Lenny Kravitz Serves A Fierce ‘Strut’

Image credit:Roxio Records
Image credit:Roxio Records

CedricCed|September 25 2014

Get ready to Rock on Strut! Lenny Kravitz gives the goods he is known for .Recently, on Wendy Williams, Lenny explained how he recorded the album in two weeks in the Bahamas. Released independently on his own label Roxio Records.The album sounds great musically and is a breath of fresh air. U2 returned a few weeks ago with a rock album and now Strut. Rock is making a much due comeback to mainstream. Although, many may consider Lenny Kravitz alternative rock. Strut is fun, entertaining and most of all a rocking album!

Inside the beautifully haunting, “The Chamber” is where Lenny tells his lover that,”I gave you all the love I had|And i almost gave you one more chance |Then you put me in the chamber and shut my heart a glass|This time will be the last”. Very nice track about seeing love gone wrong.One of the album’s most memorable hooks.Within,“Frankenstein” Lenny is ready to be released because he needs love. A real mellow slow alternative record. The lyrics are great,”cant stop yourself from lying|one more day of this sh**| I’ll lose my mind”.The toxic love is causing him to become a Frankenstein.On the first love ballad ,“I Never Want To Let You Down” a slow jazz rock record about not wanting to let the one you love down.,”I pledge allegiance to the flag of love|Im trying to do the things |To keep us moving up|”.Near the song end of the record Lenny convinces; he will never mess up again. Piercing lyrics and the soul of BB King.

Lenny brings leaves the love behind and starts to believe again.We get to rock out on in true Lenny fashion on one of the strongest records, “I’m A Believer”.Ready to let it all go and believe again.It’s oh so 80’s but yet it’s oh so good! Following is the standout,“Sex” where he says, “|Hold Me |Love Me|Call my name |I just want you to feel me|Breath me|Tease Me| Can’t control how I feel when you’re knew me|I cant do nothing about it| Got that feeling| sex sex sex”. incredible hook. Sure to be a favorite for it’s very clever take on describing the feeling of his desire in a classy yet edgy tone. This needs to be released as a single for radio. Now the album’s title track, “Strut” is an anthem about being yourself and just simply,“Strut”. Best line, “Just be yourself and bust outside your cage|Strut| Let Me See You Work|StruT|Let Your Body Talk. Guitar sounds great on this record. Short and sweet!

For an album recorded in two weeks it’s very authentic and cohesive.Lenny brings songs about being captured in love and also being a believer in himself again to strut and bust outside his cage and Strut.Packed with rollicking album standouts throughout from beginning to end.Go ahead and dive into a soaked unyielding Strut.


Strut Best:”Sex”, “The Chamber”, “Frankenstein”,”Dirty White Boots”,” I Never Want to Let You Down”

Strut Highlights:”Strut”, “New York City”,”Happy Birthday”

Strut Filler: “Ooo Baby Baby”

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