Review:Jennifer Hudson- ‘JHUD’

Image Credit: Song BMG
Image Credit: Song BMG

       CedricCed|September 24 2014

Grammy Award Winning singer, actress Jennifer Hudson for some reason felt inspired to make a 70’s inspired album. Only good when done correctly! The inspiration is not fully focused for the 3rd album to bring a cohesiveness to JHUD.Apparently, the public feels the same way for the singer,lead singles for JHUD released at the top of the year, “I Can’t Describe(The Way I Feel)” featuring T.I. of all people was slapped with no love from radio.Half decent song inside; just has a true 70’s feel that makes you want to pick up a pair skates! The pairing of T.I. is obviously for urban radio play but no magic is inside his verse.The Timbaland produced 2nd single, “Walk It Out” released at the top of May is a completely different sound from the the 1st single. It has a fresh beat,catchy hook,and flawless vocals.Hudson is talking sexy and even choosing to use profanity. Perfect song for summer right? No, radio said goodbye as expected and single sales made no impact.It’s a youthful track! More of a song for Keri Hilson than a track on a JHUD album. Where is the ,“Spotlight” singer hiding?

On JHUD, Jennifer Hudson is hiding behind,”Moan” the album’s best notable moment. Vocals and Heart are on full display on this truly amazing record! A full 6:53 minutes full of emotion and pain.Beautifully produced and vocally sung. No other song matches this memorable moment on JHUD. Ready for uncertainty on,“Dangerous”, she sings pleading that she will ride for her lover even if death is an option. Good track with very nice production and starts the album off with some promise. Following the 70’s theme is found on,“It’s Your World” featuring R.Kelly who has been on a feature roll lately. R.Kelly  made the song his world. He sounds totally in top form here.Nice album track but definitely not single material.

Dance ballad, “I Still Love You” is certified 70’s Donna Summer but sounds more like an imitation than an actual Jennifer Hudson song.A trend that continues throughout the album. The track with the least spark on JHUD is ,“He Aint Goin Nowhere” featuring Iggy Azalea.Both artists sound tired and dull on this hook less album filler. Iggy sounds like she sent her verse in via voice-mail. A rapper is definitely not needed on this track in fact this track should have never made the final track list.

JHUD is lost in the 70’s. Forgetting to make any hit records in the process. Nothing is wrong with paying homage when the artist adds their own artistry. Definitely her weakest album to date. The whole 70’s theme had an adverse effect on the album.Leaving no room for Jennifer Hudson to be innovative. So, sadly that abandons the album without any songs to release as singles to Urban radio.Mark Ronson is the producer made for an artist like Jennifer Hudson.The label obviously oblivious on what to do with her big voice. Mark Ronson will give Jennifer Hudson her big ‘niche’ album she needed 5 years ago. JHUD leaves you thirsty for more, “Moan”.

JHUD Grade: C= 70

JHUD BEST: “Moan”, Dangerous”

JHUD Highlights:“It’s Your World”, “Bring Back The Music”,”Walk It Out”

JHUD Filler:“He Ain’t Going Nowhere” , “Say It”, “Just That Type Of Girl”,”I Can’t Describe(The Way I Feel),”I Still Love You”

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