Kendrick Lamar Has The Best Rap Song Of The Decade In “i”


CedricCed| September 23 2014

As the pastor preaches, at the start of this important sermon he shouts proudly,”We got a young brother to stand for something|We got a young brother to believe in all of us|Brother Kendrick Lamar|He’s not a rapper|He is a writer|He’s an author| And if we learn to read between the lines|We’ll learn how to love one another|But you can’t do that| I said you cant do that|Without loving yourself first”. It’s soul stirring, thought stirring, uplifting, inspirational, raw, uncut, and most important song released from hip-hop probably since 2pac. Kendrick Lamar is prepping his sophomore album the follow up to the groundbreaking classic good kidd MADD City released in October 2012.This record is welcomed with a big hug in a time where hip-hop is so commercialized which takes away from hip-hops growth for the future. By the end of the song you will love yourself if you don’t already. The last time hip-hop gave a message so needed for the man right now was 2pac, “Keep Ya Head Up.” Go listen to the most important hip-hop record we are all blessed to have right now. Sample is from the Isley Brothers 1973  classic “That Lady.”



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