X Brings The Best Out Of Chris Brown

Image Credit: JIVE
Image Credit: JIVE

The Best Album Of The Year is here inside of X the 6th album from Chris Brown. A superstar whose rise to fame came in 2005 almost 10 years ago with the self titled debut album which gave the world  the smash and crossover hit,“Run It”, one of his best singles yet to this day.

Fast Forward to X, “Autumn Leaves” is the best track ever released from Chris Brown;worthy of every Grammy it shall receive. A career defining moment.Kendrick Lamar arrives on time with a verse that defines the pairing here that is sure to create a lasting impact on the world. Spitting the illest verse possibly ever of his career,”When you make mistakes the most one day it will make you grow |When you outlandish and you lose manners | To god you shall consult”.Hip Hop and R&B is so perfectly constructed on “Autumn Leaves”. Music is in the lyrics that bring the heart into focus particular in the 2nd verse, “I’ve been bleeding in your silence| I feel safer in your violence| I hold on like leaves and fall to what is left” Simply the best. The chorus is absolutely the definition of the records subject.|Albums Best | The first track on the album ,“X” is a upbeat breakup song  that serves as a epic start to the album which sets the mood and tone for the rest of the album ;moving on with a new flame. When the beat drops Chris Brown chants,” I swear to God I’m moving on|I ain’t going back no more”. Best breakup dance track of his career!
R&B tracks on X mark the spot! When ,“Drunk Textin”  featuring  Jhene Aiko drops on radio everyone should fall back.Its a hit waiting to unleash.Its everything “Drunk in Love” should have been. R.Kelly wants too “Drown In It” on the albums best R&B cut. Chris Brown and R.kelly brought their A game here.Giving a straight panty dropper for the ladies.Now,on another R&B collaboration ,“Do Better” one of the Albums Best Chris Brown sings the chorus,”If I knew better, I would do better “,on the collab with Brandy, they both sound simply dynamic together on this track together. Each vocally trying to out sing the other at every opportunity. Chris Brown and Brandy make good music together.
The X marks the best of Chris Brown. Album is full of highlights from beginning to end leaving no room for too much filler.Embrace the music that lays inside ;of such a great career defining album from Chris Brown.The Next Michael Jackson.

Grade: 84=B

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Albums Best: “Autumn Best”, “X”,”Drunk Textin”, “Drown In It”, “Do Better”, “Loyal”

Albums Highlights: “Came To Do You”,”Add Me In”

Albums Weakest: “Songs On 12 Play”, “The New Flame”,”Body Shots”

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