Lil Kim Hardcore 2K14 Definitely Delivers

Image Credit: @lilkim
Image Credit: @lilkim

NYC stand UP! The Queen has returned to serve the streets.Hardcore Lil Kim comes in swinging on every single record no room for error here just Kimmie Blanco. Guest guest spots from Jadakiss, Cassidy, Young Bonds, Yo Gotti, French Montana, and TLZ. Lil Kim delivers Hardcore 2K14 with a knockout delivery.

Lil Kim is “Real Sick” on one of the album highlights and informs why she is real sick in Hardcore style.This record is hip-hop. I hear and smell it all over.Jadakiss drops one of his most memorable lines in a long time. A freestyle over a old skool beat makes this a highlight. Setting Trends is the topic of  the club banger, “Trendsetter” where Kim brags about “I’m trending no album no single just your girl”. It’s definitely a trending highlight.  The head honcho is “Kimmie Blanco” on the album’s best where Kim shows why she is the  #1 Female Mc in the game over this dramatically hardcore record.Best line is here”So much money that the bills  pay themselves So much honey killer bees in the shelves Extra gun powder cocaine in the shelves “. Yep, Kimmie Blanco is setting everything  in order for her to take her crown back. Disfavor for Lil Kim is what she could careless about on, “Haterz”, the 1st single released in summer of 2014 is catchiest record on the album. Kim is in top form on this track charmingly dusting the haters away.

Rags to Riches , Money Over B*****, Feds Come Get You but never snitch. Is the subject matter for ,”Stadium Music” featuring Yo Gotti. Good track but leaves a little more to be desired from both parties involved considering the theme of the record.Additionally, The club joint “,MIGO” featuring Young  Bonds and KLZ sounds good production wise but far less stellar since Kim is barely present until the last minute.  Work the Pole is too short to be included and is exempt;purposeless record.

Overall, Lil Kim definitely delivered on Hardcore 2k14 and allows room for her to reclaim her throne from the intimators.

Mixtape Highlights: “Kimmie Blanco”, “Real Sick”, “Haterz”, “Trendsetter”, Whenever You See Me”

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