Gwen Stefani is in the studio, “On another level” working on 2 albums

Image Credit:Getty Images
Image credit:Getty Images

Gwen Stefani is working on a new solo album follow up to The Sweet Escape released  in 2006 and  a  new No Doubt album.Yes, at the same time! In an recent interview with Mtv she told reporters, “right now I’m all about music,so many new opportunities, at this point i’m thinking about both”.New judge on The Voice starting September 22 on NBC. Too music projects in the works. Gwen is definitely on another level.Many imitators but only 1 Gwen Stefani. Almost 8 years since solo work and two years since the last No Doubt album.Recently, Gwen Stefani has been in the studio with her longtime collaborator the “Happy” “singer/producer Pharrell, is saying,” She is on another level right now”. It’s best to strike since the iron is hot!! Hopefully new music drops at the top of 2015.Start video at 1:27.

CedricCed|September 11 2014


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