Faith Evans declares “I Deserve It”

Image Credit: Capitol Records
Image Credit: Capitol Records

The beautiful ,vocal powerhouse, Faith Evans is back with a very very nice R&B Hip-Hop track, “I Deserve It” that will sure tear up the Urban Adult contemporary radio stations. She testifies that ,”she isn’t perfect but she’s worth it”. Missy Elliot always on top her of game on any record is here bringing like it’s her last chance. Chucky Thompson who produced the latest single is a long time collaborator of the songstress who also produced the classic, “Gone Already”. A great record exactly what RnB should be sounding like on the radio these days paying homage to the 90’s. Giving straight vocals over a hot beat with a great hook. Everyone involved on this track sounds like they are having fun knowing they have a hit in ,” I Don’t Deserve It”. This track is definitely a grower.Good lead single.Look out for new album #Incomparable in stores soon! Buy on Itunes Now!

Grade: 85= B+


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