Sisqo Unleashes ‘A-List’ in this Bish

Image Credit: Massenburg Media
Image Credit: Massenburg Media


The thong song master Sisqo returns with ,“A-List” the lead single from his third album, The Last Dragon, dropping December 9th via Massenburg Media.Rest assured swag is brought on the club-banging dance floor track. Sisqo is clearly having fun; forgetting altogether to sing on the verses. Track is catchy; but more is to be expected from an artist with such talent such as Sisqo.Things really take off when Wacka Flocka comes in unleashing the dragon on his verse leaving the impression perhaps maybe Sisqo is incapable of bringing the dragon anymore. Left feeling C-List in this bish….. Available on I-tunes September 16 2014  

CedricCed|Septemeber 8 2014




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