Review: Jazmine Sullivan-‘Forever Don’t Last’

Image Credit: Getty Images
Image Credit: Getty Images

                               CedricCed| September 4 2014

Jazmine Sullivan is in back in her storytelling mode on the dreamy love ballad “Forever Don’t Last”.Giving the listener insight into relationships which go sour even after all the failed attempts to make it last forever.Effortless soul-stirring vocals so good to the soul.Additionally, to hear a simple acoustic guitar on a record in 2014; helps the message in the song hit home at the heart. Best lines is here,”I had high hopes for us baby like i was on dope for us baby chasing a high I would never get back again,” << Great lyrics.More of a great album track rather than a 2nd single for an album, Reality Show  is due in stores January 13, 2015. Check out the song now! Links are provided.

Grade: B=84


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