Review: Young Jeezy-Seen It All: The Autobiography| A REAL Album The Streets Needed

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Image Credit: Def Jam

 CedricCed|September 2 2014 

The streets can rest now. The wait for some new Jeezy is over. He delivers; mostly on, Seen It All: The Autobiography, his 5th Album from Def Jam records. The album holds some good records inside which is expected from one of most consistent selling rappers; almost always goes plantinum.People gravitate towards Jeezy because he is as real as you get these days in rap game.Most people recognize real people.It’s really a gift in a weird kind of way to have a rapper like Jeezy.

On the opening track ,“4 Block”, Jeezy says,” I remember being posted on the block on the 1st and the 3rd trying to re-up” you cannot get more real than that good start not a single material but a strong album track. I know all the real Jeezy fans will really love songs like ,“Me OK” and “Seen It All”, some of the strongest records on the album.You have 10 seconds before the beat drops to get ready on  “Me OK”,Jeezy rides the beat like a pro in beast mode showing label Def Jam he is a keeper and you better recognize it. He gives a strong message to his label on this track to “If Jizzle ain’t droppin’, n****, what the f*** is Def Jam?I know you heard how your boy bossed up at Atlantic Boss s****, might just drop my next album on Atlantic I really hope you b****** ready, Vice-prezzy and his Presi”, Simply a shining moment! Album Best.Jeezy is clearly almost ready to switch labels if things are not handled correctly.

One of the best intro comes on the incredible “Seen It All”, where Jeezy states,”In the kitchen ’bout to make some magic then blow it all in magic, Pull up to my partner in traffic gave it to him, it was all in plastic,” brilliant,  summed up the theme of the track right there so generously.Jay-z shines like he used to just by simply spitting a nasty rhyme ,”Uncle died on the spot pop killed the family with heroine shots gave my life to the block figured I get shot least I did it on top” there goes Jay-z. Album Best. 

Where the album comes to a definitive moment  is when Jeezy spits ,”I’m from the place where don’t nobody make it, but you know they want to you wanna see a n**** f****** in the game, n****, don’t you?But I refuse to cry, shed a tear, that’s the s*** we don’t do”.Magic happens here,” No Tears”,  shines bright giving a great message that he has lived before; no tears for friends that change and begin to plan and scheme your demise for someone who changed when you have always remained loyal. Future is the only weak link here. John Legend’s soulful voice fits the mood of this track;which allows for a Much,Much more Powerful song.

As a whole there lies some good material and also some tracks that mess up the consistent flow of the album.For instance, the Mike Will produced, “4Zones”  is the album’s first ride with album filler. Auto tune has no business on a album from Jeezy.Surprisingly, the record with August Alsina ,“F*** The World”,is the weakest record. The hook is not memorable which makes the song album filler. I guess that goes to say some collaborations work and some just do not.

I think we have Seen It All from Jeezy from how he made his way and where he is headed next.Although, this may not be his best work to date; growth musically is always a good look for any rapper who has been in the music game strong on a major label for 9 years and 2015 will mark the 10 year anniversary of  Lets Get It: Thug Motivation 101. The album is a winner! support this effort and make it into the smash it deserves to be on the charts.

Album Grade: B=82

1st Week Sales Predictions: 250,000

Album Standouts: “Seen It All”, “Me Ok”,”4 Block”,”No More Tears”, “Beautiful”,”What You Say”,”Holy Ghost”

Album Filler:”F*** The World”,”4Zones”, “Been Getting Money”,”Beez Like That”

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